whats included:

  • 5 Space Cover Templates: Elegantly crafted to draw members into your spaces, these templates blend subtle colors with clean designs, setting a serene backdrop for your community.
  • 5 Space Thumbnail Templates: Capture immediate attention with thumbnails that are as refined as they are inviting. These templates are designed to make your community stand out with a touch of class.
  • 10 Card View Templates: Simplify the way you present content while maintaining an air of sophistication. These templates are perfect for a sleek, organized look that conveys information clearly and beautifully.
  • 10 Post Cover Image Templates: Transform your posts with covers that speak volumes in quiet tones. Designed to enhance your content's visibility, these templates add a layer of elegance to your messages.
  • 3 Event Cover Templates: Announce your events with designs that promise memorable experiences. These templates are created to generate excitement and anticipation with their stylish and airy appeal.
  • Trello Board: Keep your branding efforts as smooth as a London fog with an included Trello board. Organize your templates and ideas effortlessly, ensuring nothing but clear skies ahead in your planning.
  • Brand Kit: Define and distinguish your community's identity with a brand kit that ensures a cohesive look across all your designs. From subtle hues to elegant fonts, this kit provides all you need to maintain a polished and distinctive brand aesthetic.

London Fog 01: Canva Template Pack (Airy)

Dive into the elegance and sophistication of the London Fog 01: Canva Template Pack (Airy) – your essential toolkit for bringing a touch of class and clarity to your Circle community's branding. Designed with a light, airy feel, this template pack is perfect for creating an atmosphere of refinement and ease in your online spaces.

Please note that this pack does not include stock images. However, we've provided links for you to purchase them if needed

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The London Fog 01: Canva Template Pack (Airy) brings a breath of fresh air to community branding. Embrace the essence of sophistication and simplicity with this pack, and watch as your Circle community not only aligns with your brand but also stands out with an undeniable elegance. Prepare to captivate and charm with visuals that whisper quality and grace. unparalleled sense of luxe.

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