Let’s Transform Your Passion into Profit!

Let’s Transform Your Passion into Profit!

We elevate course creators, coaches, and podcast hosts from fervent hobbyists to thriving community trailblazers. Our mission is to help you intertwine your passion with profit, all while creating a tight-knit community that values genuine connections.

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Alright, imagine if Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec fame decided to swap out city hall for the entrepreneurial life—The Community Lab is kinda like that. We're all about channeling that go-getter, "I'm going to build a park out of this pit" energy into something that isn't just rewarding, but also profitable.

Here's the scoop: It's not only about making bank (though we're totally into that), but about crafting a business that's as genuine and full of heart as a Pawnee community event. So, whether you're a course creator, a coach, or the next big voice in podcasting, we're here to help you turn your weekend passion project into your full-time gig.

Picture us as your friendly neighborhood Parks Department, but for business: taking you from happy hobbyist to community leader without losing an ounce of your spark. Let's get to work—waffles and success await! 

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The Community Lab


Rooted in the mission to transform passion into profit, The Community Lab is the launchpad for aspiring course creators, coaches, and podcast hosts. Join us to evolve from hobbyist to community trailblazer, leveraging everything from engaging podcast discussions to a wealth of resources—all while cultivating real connections and fueling your growth.

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Inner Circle

Podcast Discussion Threads

Free Resource Access

New Resource Voting

With The Community Lab, you're not just joining a community; you're making a commitment to excellence, growth, and unparalleled connections. Let's redefine your passion-driven journey together.

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The Vault

Ad-Free, Early Podcast

Monthly Template Drops

Exclusive Paid Workshops + Courses

Private VIP Chat Space

Direct Q&A Sessions

Priority Mastermind Access

Coaching Discounts

Beta Testing Opportunities

Exclusive Deals + Partnerships

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Podcast Discussion Threads: Dive deep into enriching conversations about recent podcast episodes. Share insights, learn from others, and foster a culture of collaborative growth.

Free Resource Access: Discover a wealth of resources curated to steer your passion-fueled path toward profitability. Enjoy weekly releases of new tools and materials designed to propel you forward in your entrepreneurial journey.

You Choose - Resource Voting: Have a say in our content creation with Resource Voting. Each vote or suggestion you make brings a new resource to life, handpicked by you, for you. It's like having the keys to the content kingdom, and you're wearing the crown!


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Inner Circle


Get first dibs on our podcast episodes! You'll be tuning in to the latest insights before the crowd and without a single ad to skip - pure, uninterrupted genius flowing right to your ears.

Ad-Free Early Podcast Perks

An exclusive community where creativity and collaboration meet personal growth. As the host, Rachel brings her expertise and motivational spirit to help you navigate the journey from ideation to realization. In this dynamic environment, you'll enjoy the benefits of brainstorming with like-minded innovators, coupled with Rachel's personalized guidance and accountability. She's not just a facilitator; she's your dedicated partner in achieving your goals. With The Think Tank, you gain access to a platform for bouncing ideas, gaining constructive feedback, and Rachel's unique support to ensure your visions don't just sparkle in the ether but become the milestones of your success.

The Think Tank

Score sweet deals that we've wrangled just for you with our partners. Think discounts on swanky hosting services, savvy marketing tools, or chic design goodies – because who doesn't love a good bargain?

Insider Deals

Exclusive workshops are your backstage pass to master the magic of marketing, the craft of monetization, and the nuts and bolts of broadcasting excellence.

Workshop Wonderland

Who said premium advice comes with a premium price tag? Snag those coveted 1:1 and group coaching spots at rates that have our accountants sweating.

Coaching at a Steal

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Doors Now Open

Elevate your game with our exclusive Monthly Template Drop! Imagine having the latest and greatest tools at your fingertips - before anyone else. From cutting-edge Business Development strategies to sleek Canva templates and insightful worksheets, we've got everything you need to streamline your workflow and spark creativity. Every month, we handpick a selection of premium resources designed to give you that competitive edge. Dive into a world where efficiency meets innovation, all served up with a side of exclusivity. Get ready to transform your projects and presentations with ease and style - no more last-minute scrambles or cookie-cutter solutions. Just pure, bespoke brilliance to keep you ahead of the curve.

Monthly Content Drops

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$49 per month

Inner Circle

First Date

Where it's all about sparking connections and kindling possibilities! Here, you're just dipping your toes into the vibrant waters of virtual community building. It's like the start of a new friendship – casual, exciting, and full of potential. Get ready to exchange virtual high-fives and explore the beginnings of your community-building journey.


$139 per quater

Inner Circle

Going Steady

Ready to make it official? This is for those who've passed the small talk and are ready to forge deeper, more meaningful connections. Think of it as moving from casual chats to meaningful dialogues. Here, you're not just participating; you're actively shaping the heart and soul of your virtual community.


$499 per year

Inner Circle

Community Commitment

The ultimate dedication to your virtual haven. This tier is like saying "I do" to your community, vowing to nurture and grow it through thick and thin. You're not just a part of the community; you're its backbone, its champion, and its biggest advocate, ready to lead it to a thriving future.


Goal Getters!

The Vault: Your Community Building Powerhouse

Say goodbye to the digital maze. The Vault is your shortcut to the internet's best articles, guides, and case studies, each a golden ticket in the community-building carnival.

Curated Web Gems



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Imagine a place where every resource is like finding the perfect waffle – satisfying, resourceful, and just what you need to fuel your day. Welcome to The Vault, a whimsically curated hub of top-tier content and our own genius creations, all aimed at skyrocketing your virtual community from 'what's this?' to 'wow!'

We don't just collect; we cook up our own community delicacies. These in-house specials are brimming with practical tips and trailblazing tactics, perfect for every step of your community journey.

Our Secret Recipes

Whether you're a newbie planting your first online community seed or a seasoned pro looking to grow a digital forest, The Vault's got your back with a smorgasbord of materials.

For Beginners to Bosses



Imagine having a coffee klatch with the gurus of community building. That's what The Vault offers, but in the form of rich insights and inspiring tales.

Wisdom from Community Wizards

Because your time is as precious as Leslie Knope’s last waffle, The Vault cuts through the fluff, offering you more time to engage, grow, and revel in your online community.

Your Time-Saving Genie



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Weekly Content Drops: For the Elite Community Builders

Get hands-on with webinars by industry moguls. These aren't just sessions; they're your personal business and community growth accelerators.

Tools & Webinars That Wow


Spruce up your community's look with our swanky, easy-peasy Circle Canva Templates. They're more than just pretty; they're your visual engagement secret weapon.

Stunning Circle Canva Templates


Our swipe copy and email templates are your time-saving, message-maximizing allies. Crafted by wordsmith wizards, they're designed to captivate, inform, and transform.

Swipe, Send, Succeed


More than documents, these workbooks are interactive experiences, nurturing learning and engagement in your community with flair and function.

Interactive Workbook Wonders


An ever-blossoming garden of resources. From the freshest community trends to cutting-edge business tactics, it's your continuous stream of success secrets.

And That's Not All

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passion to profit

collaborative growth

launch success

strategy unlocked

Unlock exclusive access to advanced strategies and deep-dive insights to catapult your knowledge beyond the competition.

Receive personalized feedback from Rachel and seasoned community experts to refine and perfect your content and strategies.

Gain increased visibility with our member spotlights and active discussion forums, showcasing your journey and attracting new opportunities.

Join an exclusive network of ambitious peers for unparalleled support, collaboration opportunities, and partnership potential.

Tap into a library of premium resources, from time-saving tools to content enhancers, all designed to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Engage with industry experts through dedicated office hours, in-depth workshops, and candid Q&A sessions, soaking up wisdom that can accelerate your growth.

By joining the Inner Circle, you will...

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This      for you if:

You are a Passion-Driven Entrepreneur or Creative

You are A Casual Hobbyists Not Looking to Monetize

YOu ARE an aspiring Podcaster or coach

YOU are an Individual Seeking a Free-Only Platform

you are A Community Builder Seeking Growth

It's probably        for you if...

you have a preference for Solitary Learning



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for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

What exactly is The Community Lab?

The Community Lab is a dynamic platform designed for course creators, coaches, and podcast hosts, providing resources and community support to transform passion into profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from joining The Community Lab?

Budding entrepreneurs, podcasters, coaches, and anyone looking to monetize their passion and build an engaging online community will find immense value in The Community Lab.

What are the key features of The Community Lab?

Key features include Podcast Discussion Threads, Free Resource Access,  Member Spotlights, and Resource Voting, all designed to foster growth and connection.

How is the "Inner Circle" different?

The "Inner Circle"  offers advanced features like Ad-Free Early Podcast Perks, VIP Chat Lounge, personalized feedback, Toolkit for Trailblazers, and more, catering to those seeking an immersive experience.  New content dropped each Tuesday.

What is 'The Vault' in The Community Lab?

The Vault is a curated hub of resources, including articles, guides, case studies, and exclusive content, aimed at enhancing your community-building skills and business strategies.

Can I try The Community Lab for free?

Yes, The Community Lab offers a range of free resources and features. However, the premium offerings like The Inner Circle including weekly content drops require a subscription.

Are there any discounts or special offers available?

Yes, there are introductory rates for early subscribers to The Inner Circle.  Once the community grows to 100 members rates will increase to $99/month, $279/quarter, or $999/year. 

How can I get the most out of my membership?

Participate actively in discussions, challenges, and workshops, utilize the resources available, and engage with the community to maximize your learning and growth potential.


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