Convert Community Lookers into Loyal Members!

Convert Community Lookers into Loyal Members

The "Ready, Set, Launch" challenge is a transformative 5-day journey designed to empower community builders with the tools and techniques needed to effectively grow and engage their audience through email marketing. Participants will learn how to create a compelling member persona, integrate advanced email tools like Flodesk, and craft personalized offers that resonate deeply with their community. 

Each day features a structured lesson complete with practical tutorials, actionable assignments, and a supportive community chat to ensure every participant can successfully build and launch their email list. Join us to enhance your skills and elevate your community engagement to new heights!

ready, set, launch

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What's inside...

  1. Join the Free Community Lab Circle Community: Sign up here.
  2. Access the Challenge Space: Log into your Dashboard or directly enter Circle.
  3. Head over to the Challenge Space to begin your pre-challenge tasks and start your journey!


How to Get Started:

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