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In the bustling world of online communities, making your mark and offering an unparalleled member experience isn’t just nice to have; it’s crucial. Whether you’re on the brink of launching your digital sanctuary or striving to elevate your existing community, "The Community Audit" is your key to deep engagement and sustained growth.

the community audit

Think of it as a comprehensive health check for your community, equipped to uncover the smallest issues and highlight your biggest strengths. From the initial onboarding to every subsequent interaction, "The Community Audit" scrutinizes your community's entire journey, ensuring every piece contributes to a seamless and engaging experience.

What is The Community Audit?

Let us be your Guinea pig

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Why Choose The Community Audit?

Expert Insights

Our team’s expertise in community engagement and user experience is unparalleled.

Customized Approach

We understand every community is unique. Our audits are tailored to meet your specific challenges and ambitions.


We’re all about actionable insights that drive real, measurable improvements in your community’s vibrancy and member satisfaction.

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The Audit Experience 





Kick-Off Call (45 mins)
A deep-dive session to understand your vision, goals, and challenges.

Comprehensive Audit Report
An in-depth review focusing on your community’s business model, structure, user experience, tech stack and systems, sales and marketing, leadership and scaleability.

Next Steps Blueprint
A prioritized, step-by-step guide for implementing our recommendations, designed to make a significant impact.

1:1 Consultation to Discuss Implementation of Blueprint (60 mins)
A personalized session to walk through the audit findings and recommendations, ensuring you have everything you need to take action and enhance your community experience.

Custom Client Dashboard with Chat
Access a personalized client dashboard to monitor your project and view all deliverables. A chat space is also available on the dashboard for any questions or follow-up discussions with the team.

Two-weeks of chat and email support following your 1:1 consult.

Free Access to the Inner Circle
Enjoy one free year of access to the Inner Circle, our Circle Community designed for community builders. This VIP experience includes early podcast perks, a VIP chat lounge, personalized feedback, a Toolkit for Trailblazers, and more. New content is released every Tuesday. ($499 value)

Pre-launch Pioneers

An Audit is Ideal for

Before your community takes its first step into the public eye, let’s ensure it’s as welcoming and engaging as possible. A solid foundation is key to captivating your audience from the get-go and setting the stage for a thriving online space.

Experience Enhancers

If your community has been experiencing a lull in activity or engagement, now is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate it. Let's work together to create an environment where every member feels genuinely valued and eager to participate, bringing new life and energy to your platform.

How It Works

 This initial call is your opportunity to share your vision, challenges, and goals. It's a chance for us to understand your unique needs.

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After our call, we'll craft a personalized proposal outlining our objectives and timeline.

Once you’re happy with the proposal and ready to proceed, it’s time to kickstart your audit.

Because I've Walked Your Path

In a world where time is precious and genuine connections are gold, I found myself at a crossroads—unfulfilled in my role, craving more moments with my family, and yearning for a significant shift in my business. It was then I discovered the transformative power of community building on Circle, a journey that not only revolutionized my professional life but also brought invaluable balance and fulfillment to my personal world.

i can help because i've been there


My Transformation, Your Blueprint

The pivot came when I recognized the untapped potential of community building. Circle became my arena for change, where I learned the intricate dance of fostering connections, enhancing engagement, and creating a thriving hub for my business.

Fast forward, and the transformation has been profound. Not only did I succeed in reshaping my business, but I also unlocked the joy of meaningful work that allows for precious family moments. The communities I've built and nurtured stand as testaments to what’s possible when you harness the power of connectedness.

“Working with Rachel and her team to plan our annual event has been nothing short of remarkable. "

ashley barlow

Hosting it on Circle for the last two years has truly transformed the experience for us and our attendees. With over 800 people joining us annually, the seamless organization, innovative engagement strategies, and impeccable attention to detail by Rachel's team have been pivotal in elevating our event to new heights. Their expertise in virtual event planning and genuine commitment to our vision have made each event a resounding success. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in bringing our community together in such a dynamic and impactful way.

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Ready to transform your community? Book your consult today and start the journey toward a more engaged and vibrant online space.

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“By meticulously analyzing every aspect of your community, from engagement strategies to member satisfaction, a community audit reveals the untapped potential within your walls and paves the way for meaningful growth.  ”