Kickstarting Your Community with Email Marketing & Flodesk

March 21, 2024

In this episode of the Community Lab we’re tackling why email marketing is a game-changer, offering a solid, personal touch that beats the fleeting buzz of social media.

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I'm Rachel!

Marketing Virtuoso, Ski Slope Enthusiast, and Community Innovator. With two decades of shaping vibrant digital experiences, I blend creativity with strategy and a dash of outdoor adventure, all fueled by my love for coffee and a zest for life!

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In this episode of the Community Lab we’re tackling why email marketing is a game-changer, offering a solid, personal touch that beats the fleeting buzz of social media. Through my own journey, discover the unmatched value of an email list and how Flodesk can make your emails both eye-catching and effective.

We’ll dive into using email to deepen connections, convert followers into paying members, and segment audiences for targeted communication. Expect practical tips on crafting welcoming email sequences and a homework assignment to kick off your email marketing strategy. Get ready to elevate your community engagement with actionable insights and a touch of creativity.

In This Episode We Chat About:

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Community Lab Podcast!
  • 01:29 The Power of Email Marketing in Community Building
  • 05:28 Introducing Flodesk: Your Email Marketing Solution
  • 09:54 Maximizing Community Engagement with Segmentation and Lead Magnets
  • 17:29 Designing Your Email Strategy with Flodesk
  • 20:55 Crafting an Effective Welcome Series and Nurturing Your Community
  • 25:46 Recap and Next Steps in Your Email Marketing Journey

Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/QHZzAOvxUZC

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Hi, I'm Rachel Starr – a marketing maven and ski enthusiast with over two decades of expertise in crafting compelling online experiences and strategies. A blend of Leslie Knope's enthusiasm and a tech expert's acumen, my career spans from sales to leading event management, marked by continuous growth and innovation. Outside the office, I'm a mom, an outdoor aficionado, and a spicy margarita fan, with coffee fueling my creativity and ventures in community development and marketing. Whether hitting the slopes or innovating in the digital space, I embrace every adventure with zeal and a caffeinated spark. Here's to the journeys ahead, in both work and play!

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